Viewing Christmas through Two Different Lenses

Tony Reinke, author of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books, has an interesting blog post entitled The Meaning of Christmas: Comparing Dickens and Handel. Justin Taylor, doing what he does best, has summarized it for everyone hitting the high points. I would encourage you to read his summary here. Here are a few lines to stir your interest:

Dickens wants people to die in peace.

Handel wants people to get raised from the dead.

Dickens’ hope is rooted in the future – in the finished work of moral reform necessary in our lives.

Handel’s hope is rooted in the past — the full and complete work of Christ on our behalf. Dickens’ message is “do.” Handel’s message is “done.”

Thanks be to God the message of Christmas is “done” and not “do”!

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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