Gospel Proclamation

During the sermon on Sunday, I referenced a quote from John Piper on Gospel proclamation. He said, the “Good news is for proclaiming—for heralding the way an old-fashioned town crier would do.” He then gave an example of what that type of proclamation would sound like:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! All rebels, insurgents, dissidents, and protesters against the King! Hear the royal decree! A great day of reckoning is coming, a day of justice and vengeance. But now hear this, all inhabitants of the King’s realm! Amnesty is herewith published by the mercy of your sovereign. A price has been paid. All debts may by forgiven. All rebellion absolved. All dishonor pardoned. None is excluded from this offer. Lay down the weapons of rebellion, kneel in submission, receive the royal amnesty as a gift of imperial love, swear fealty to your sovereign, and rise a free and happy subject of your King.

John Piper is not suggesting that we present the Gospel using the above formula. He is emphasizing the importance of the Gospel and the necessity of its proclamation. Tim Chester and Jonny Woodrow in their book, The Ascension, wrote:

We are ambassadors of Christ brining an authoritative pronouncement from the king. When we proclaim the gospel we are heralds of a coming king. It is as if we go to the citizens of a country and say that a king is coming who rightly claims their allegiance. Those who currently rule them are usurpers and tyrants. But the true king is coming and He will be king. He will reign.

Chester and Woodrow continued:

We live in a culture where choice is everything and value judgments are relative, in which I decide what is right for me. The declaration of Christ’s kingship cuts right across this. We do not invite people to make Jesus their king; we tell people that Jesus is their king. We do not invite people to meet Jesus; we warn people that they will meet Jesus as their conquering king, either through the gospel or as their judge on the final day. We do not offer people a gospel invitation; we command people to repent and submit to the coming king. Of course we do this graciously and gently (1 Pet. 3:16). We cannot force or manipulate repentance. But one day everyone will bow the knee before Jesus one way or another (Phil. 2:9-11).

The Gospel is good news to be proclaimed! John Piper later wrote, “When the Gospel is proclaimed, it must be explained.” Proclaim it and explain it…expound on the glorious riches of the Gospel. The Gospel is also good news that demands a response! Therefore, proclaim it and call them to respond in repentance and faith.

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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