My Favorite Reads From 2013

Serving as Pastor of Redeemer I have the privilege to do a fair amount of reading. Each year I offer as recommendations some of my top picks from a year of reading. The books I recommend are not necessarily books published in 2013, but rather books I read during 2013. If you are looking for some good reads for the year ahead I hope these picks will serve you well. As always…Happy reading!

Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield

This book would probably be my top pick. Rosaria recounts her conversion story, taking her from a tenured research professor in a major university, living in a committed lesbian relationship, to a pastor’s wife and an adoptive homeschooling mother. This book is compelling, convicting, and emotionally stirring! On the issue of homosexuality and the church I would also highly recommend Sam Allberry’s very helpful book, Is God Anti-Gay?

The Ascension by Tim Chester

This short little book packs a good punch as it looks at an aspect of the life and work of Christ that is often overlooked. The Ascension has often been relegated to an opportunity for churches to flex their special-effect muscles in the annual Easter drama. Chester shows why the Ascension is absolutely vital to our understanding of Christ. His Biblical Theology in the first chapter is superb…I will revisit it as I prepare to preach through Exodus at Redeemer this year.

Passion by Mike McKinley

This would be a great read during the Easter season. McKinley is first a pastor and it shows in his writing. He is gifted in his ability to draw out very piercing application in each chapter of this book.

One With Christ by Marcus Johnson

If you have been at Redeemer for long then you know that Union With Christ has been a theological theme that I have enjoyed studying and teaching on the past 15 months or so. Johnson’s book was a comprehensive yet succinct and manageable treatment of the subject. I also like Rory Shiner’s booklet, One Forever.

The First Thanksgiving by Robert McKenzie

Not only was McKenzie’s book a good history of an actual event, it was also informative about the study of History itself.

The Intolerance of Tolerance by D.A. Carson

Carson’s book gives numerous examples of the inconsistencies of what he calls the “new tolerance”. He also discusses the need for civility and the “old tolerance” in current cultural discussions.

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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