Dads, Protect Your Family

On Sunday we offered Richard Phillip’s book, The Masculine Mandate at our book table. I recommended it during our announcement time as a great Father’s Day gift, and was happy to see we sold-out after the service. The first time I read Phillip’s book (it’s one of the few books I have re-read several times) was June 2010. I will never forget the conviction I felt after reading the following words:

…the main threat against which a man must protect his wife is his own sin. A friend once expressed his awakening to this truth in these words: “I used to think that if a man came into my house to attack my wife, I would certainly stand up to him. But then I came to realize that the man who enters my house and assaults my wife every day is me, through my anger, my harsh words, my complaints, and my indifference. As a Christian, I came to realize that the man I needed to kill in order to protect my wife is myself as a sinner.”

Only the power of the Gospel will allow us to kill (or mortify) our sin…Brothers, let’s make war!

Here are some of my top book recommendations for men:

The Masculine Mandate by Richard Phillips
The Shepherd Leader at Home by Tim Witmer
A Neglected Grace by Jason Helopoulos
You Can Change by Tim Chester
Sexual Detox by Tim Challies
Gospel-Powered Parenting by William Farley

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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