Our Man in Heaven

In light of it being election week, I thought the following appropriate:

Diplomats and reporters sometimes talk about ‘our man in Washington’…For Christians Jesus is ‘our man in heaven’. He is there for us and on our behalf. He is our representative in heaven, securing our salvation by His presence. –Tim Chester (The Ascension, pg. 10)

If you were pleased with the outcome of this election then you probably won’t be pleased with the outcome of the next, and vice versa. However, for those in Christ, we have the ultimate representative (Mk. 10:45) in the ultimate place (heaven), and He will never be up for reelection. Thanks be to God, Christ was never elected to begin with, but as the second Adam He is the reigning King. I’m not at all attempting to minimize political involvement, but let’s keep it in proper perspective.

About Pastor Matt

Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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