“Christ For Us”

In my preaching this past Sunday, I offered two quotes from Robert Murray M’Cheyne. He was a Scottish pastor who died in 1843 at the young age of 29. Andrew Bonar, the younger brother of Horatius (known for his hymns), was a close friend of Robert’s and published his Memoir in 1844. Here is a further sampling from the pen of M’Cheyne:

I ought to go to Christ for the forgiveness of each sin. In washing my body, I go over every spot, and wash it out: Should I be less careful in washing my soul? I ought to see the stripe that was made on the back of Jesus by each of my sins. I ought to see that in Christ’s bloodshedding there is an infinite overpayment for all my sins. Although Christ did not suffer more than infinite justice demanded, yet he could not suffer at all without laying down an infinite ransom.

I must never think a sin too small to need immediate application to the blood of Christ. If I put away a good conscience, concerning faith I make shipwreck. I must never think my sins too great, too aggravated, too presumptuous to hinder me from fleeing to Christ.

I must not only wash in Christ’s blood, but clothe me in Christ’s obedience. For every sin of omission in self, I may find a divinely perfect obedience ready for me in Christ. For every sin of commission in self, I may find not only a stripe or a wound in Christ, but also a perfect rendering of the opposite obedience in my place, so that the law is magnified—its curse more than carried—its demand more than answered.

Often the doctrine of Christ for me appears common, well known, having nothing new in it; and I am tempted to pass it by and go to some scripture more taking. This is the devil again—a red-hot lie. Christ for us is ever new, every glorious. ‘Unsearchable riches of Christ’—an infinite object, and the only one for a guilty soul. I ought to have a number of Scriptures ready, which lead my blind soul directly to Christ… (pgs. 175-7, emphasis original)

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