Faith Alone

Reformation Day is this weekend and it just wouldn’t be right to let it pass by without mention of Martin Luther. Zondervan publishing has recently released the first volume in “The 5 Solas Series” entitled, Faith Alone, authored by Thomas Schreiner. In his chapter dedicated to Luther’s understanding of Justification by Faith Alone, Schreiner writes:

Faith looks particularly to Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins so that “His righteousness is yours; your sin is His.”

“He has and bears all the sins of all men in his body—not in the sense that He has committed them but in the sense that He took these sins committed by us, upon His own body, in order to make satisfaction for them with His own blood.”

Luther puts this in a striking and unforgettable way in commenting on Gal 3:13. God “sent His Son into the world, heaped all the sins of all men upon Him, and said to Him: ‘Be Peter the denier; Paul the persecutor, blasphemer and assaulter; David the adulterer; the sinner who ate the apple in Paradise; the thief on the cross. In short, be the person of all men, the one who has committed the sins of all men.” Justification is by faith alone, because it looks to Christ alone for forgiveness of sins and salvation. Faith itself doesn’t save, but faith saves because we receive Christ by faith, because we possess and grasp Christ by faith. (pgs. 45-6; emphasis mine; Schreiner is quoting Luther.)

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