The Wonder of the Cross

With tomorrow being Good Friday, I have posted several thought-provoking, and I hope affection stirring, statements from various authors below.

Commenting on Matthew 27:41-42, D.A. Carson wrote:

“He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself.” The deeper irony is that, in a way they did not understand, they were speaking the truth. If he had saved himself, he could not have saved others; the only way he could save others was precisely by not saving himself. In the irony behind the irony that the mockers intended, they spoke the truth they themselves did not see. The man who can’t save himself—saves others. (Scandalous, pg. 29)

Speaking of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, Fredrick Leahy wrote:

Christ in his own Person and work actually offered himself as a sacrifice for the sins of his people, sins that the Father had laid on him, thereby removing them for ever out of sight, but the cost was incalculable, the burden crushing and the curse as bitter as hell. (The Cross He Bore, pgs. 72-73)

R.A. Finlayson wrote the following of Christ bearing our curse:

The most impressive expression of the Curse was this that happened when he was on the tree: ‘And there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour’. There were three hours of darkness, from twelve noon till three o’clock. But it was not measured by time; it was an infinite transaction that was taking place, it was the Infinite Person of the Son of God that was engaged…(the darkness expresses) the imposing of judgment upon the lonely, outcast Sufferer. That darkness was to him the true expression of the Curse. (The Cross in the Experience of Our Lord, pg. 102)

Finlayson concluded:

Darkness for him, and a rent veil for you and me! Darkness for him, light for us; exclusion for him, access for the sinner. (pg. 103)

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