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As October approaches, so does the anniversary of the Reformation. Yet, this year it is not just any anniversary, no, this year marks the 500th anniversary. It was on October 31, 1517 that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of Castle Church and thus unintentionally sparked the Reformation leading to the recovery of the Gospel. I’ve done it before, but let me offer an updated recommending reading list on the Reformation.

Reformation Sketches

Michael Reeves’ Unquenchable Flame is a favorite of mine. It is a quick, informative, and fun read. He looks at several leading figures in the Reformation.

Stephen Nichols’ The Reformation is similar in style and a good starting point.

Martin Luther

Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand is the classic Luther biography.

Martin Luther: A Life by Martin Marty is a well done short biography.

Carl Trueman’s Luther on the Christian Life provides a good look at the thought and teaching of Luther.

John Calvin

THL Parker’s John Calvin: A Biography is a manageable but serious biography.

Michael Horton’s Calvin on the Christian Life is the Calvin installment on his thought and teaching.

Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion are surprisingly easy to read and not surprisingly, very rewarding.

In the “Bitesize Biographies” series, I very much enjoyed the volumes on Knox and Zwingli.

John Knox

Ulrich Zwingli

Last, I love the biographies for children by Simonetta Carr. I’ve read these to my kiddos…they are excellently done!

Martin Luther

John Knox

John Calvin

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