Reading John Calvin

A couple of weeks ago, I offered some recommended reading on the Reformation and suggested reading John Calvin because he is surprisingly warm and easy to read. If you are interested in reading Calvin, a good place to start is, “A Little Book on the Christian Life” (It really is little…small and short!). Here is a taste:

The cross destroys the false notion of our own strength that we’ve dared to entertain, and it destroys that hypocrisy in which we have taken refuge and pleasure. It strips us of carnal self-confidence, and thus humbling us, instructs us to cast ourselves on God alone so that we won’t be crushed or defeated…It’s no little thing to be stripped of our blind self-love and thus to be made aware of our own weakness. Moreover, having been impressed with our own weakness, we learn to despair of ourselves. Then, having despaired of ourselves, we transfer our trust to God. (pgs. 63-4)

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