Heaven: Christ is Central

In his book, God is the Gospel, John Piper asked:

The critical question for our generation—and for every generation—is this: If you could have heaven, with no sickness, and with all the friends you ever had on earth, and all the food you ever liked, and all the leisure activities you ever enjoyed, and all the natural beauties you ever saw, all the physical pleasures you ever tasted, and no human conflict or any natural disasters, could you be satisfied with heaven, if Christ were not there? (pg. 15, emphasis mine)

Let’s have the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon, answer that for us. Spurgeon said:

Oh, think of heaven without Christ! It is the same thing as thinking of hell. Heaven without Christ! It is day without sun; existing without life, feasting without food, seeing without light. It involves a contradiction in terms. Heaven without Christ! Absurd. It is the sea without water, the earth without its fields, the heavens without their stars. There cannot be heaven without Christ. He is the sum total of bliss; the fountain from which heaven flows, the element of which heaven is composed. Christ is heaven and heaven is Christ. You shall change the words and make no difference in the sense. To be where Jesus is is the highest imaginable bliss, and bliss away from Jesus is inconceivable to the child of God. (quoted in Spurgeon on the Christian Life, pgs. 176-177)

If you don’t treasure Christ now, you may not be bound for the heaven of the Bible.

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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