Prayer-Driven Evangelism

During the Sermon this past Sunday, while talking about prayer and evangelism, I offered a quote from Pastor John Folmar. Afterward, I had several folks ask me to repeat the line so they could write it down. I understand, it’s a helpful and impactful line that has stuck with me after hearing it nearly 5 years ago. Pastor Folmar said:

Before you talk to your friend about God, talk to God about your friend.

The sermon was on Colossian 4:2-6. Although it was preached at a conference on evangelism and primarily directed to pastors, I still think it would be fruitful for you to listen. His main two points are:

Speak to God about men. (prayer)

Speak to men about God. (evangelize)

Take time to listen. I’m sure you will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped.

About Pastor Matt

Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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