A Heart Full of Gratitude

Today is mine and Brandon’s Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary. My heart is full of gratitude to the Lord for His gift of marriage that we have enjoyed thus far. As I reflect on marriage as God’s design to be a signpost to the gospel, I am reminded of the words of Ray Ortlund. He wrote:

Why do people feel the stirrings of romance and start spending time together and take long walks hand in hand and long for one another when apart and write poetry and sing along to “our song” and fall so head over heels in love that they finally jump into the mega-commitment of marriage? There is a reason for this very human experience.

He continued:

The Son of God stepping down out of eternity, entering time, taking on flesh, pursuing and winning his bride as his very heart and body with his inmost, sincerest love so that he can fit her to be with him forever above—that dramatic super-reality is the breathtaking reason why human marriage exists. It is truly profound. And Christian married couples have the privilege of making the mystery of the gospel visible in the world today by living out the dynamic interplay of an Ephesians 5-quality marriage. (Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel, pg. 100, emphasis original)

Brandon and I hope, that by God’s grace, we will continue to grow in our marriage and become a clearer and clearer signpost to the Gospel. As we celebrate today with thanksgiving, here is a reflection I wrote for her to commemorate the day.

Year Fifteen: An Anniversary Poem

Diamonds are forever they say;
Well, we lost that diamond one day.

It was an unusually hot April day.
Number One and Two were in the yard;
Number Three was in your belly.
So you took your rings off as you sat and watched them play.

Something happened; like One hitting Two,
Or kids acting foolishly like they tend to do.
You jumped up to police the scene and ensure they were playing fair.
When you did the rings were launched into the air and landed who knows where.

It wasn’t until the next day you realized those rings were missing.
To the yard we went searching with great care;
We nearly pulled the lawn bare.
In the end, all was recovered but the diamond that was still missing.

Our love is a lot like that diamond.
It’s been catapulted and soared real high.
It’s fallen down and been real low
It’s been kicked and rolled.

Yet, our love and that diamond aren’t completely the same.
You see, Babe, unlike that diamond our love remains.
And what’s more, our love is sweeter than it was at the start.
Through the ups and downs it has grown, increasing with great heart.

Our love has given us One, Two, Three, and now Four.
How I pray our love continues to grow more and more.
What is this love for?
It’s to point others to the One who loves them more.

Diamonds are forever they say;
Well, we lost that diamond one day.
But, by God’s grace, our love remains.

About Pastor Matt

Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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