“Honest Evangelism”

A couple of years back, I shared from chapter one of Rico Tice’s helpful and challenging book, Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough. During these last few months, I’ve purposely had several posts about Evangelism. Why? Well, every Christian has room for growth in this area and we need the call to evangelism before us consistently. Our church is no different. I’m praying that I and you and we, would all grow in our evangelism.

With that, here are some helpful nuggets from the rest of Rico’s book.

If we’re to share Christ, we need first to love Christ! We need to ask the Spirit to go to work in our hearts with the gospel, so that we’ll love Christ more and more, and he’ll displace our idols; and so when we talk about what we love, we’ll be talking about him. (pg. 46)

Your neighbor lives down your street because God put them there. Your colleague at work sits at the next desk to you because God sat them there…It’s no accident that you know the people you do. It’s no accident that they’re in your path. (pgs. 49-50)

Our job is not to convert people. It is to witness to Christ. Conversion isn’t the mark of a successful witness—witnessing is. Think about a courtroom. Witnesses are there to tell the truth. That’s successful witness. If the jury doesn’t believe them, that’s not their fault or their failure. You have not failed if you explain the gospel and are rejected. You have failed if you don’t try. (pg. 56)

I need to aim to tell someone enough for them to become a Christian; for them to turn to Jesus as their Ruler and trust him as their Rescuer. That may, of course, take several conversations; but that’s got to be my aim. (pg. 72)

We need our church, and our church needs us…a loving community of Christian brothers and sisters…gives credibility to the gospel. (pgs. 82-3)

How do we see those around us? Do we see their success, their possessions, their confidence, all the things that are impressive? Or do we see that, deep down, they are harassed and helpless, wandering in a ruinous labyrinth that exits only into death? (pg. 97)

We must pray before we go; and we must go and proclaim. Neither is an optional extra in the Christian life. (pg. 99)

Read this book and be challenged, encouraged, and equipped!

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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