Maturity In Christ

This week I have been reading Darryl Dash’s helpful book, How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life. I found Dash’s thoughts about maturity in Christ to be helpful, challenging, and encouraging. As a church, we have been thinking about Gather Grow Go the past few weeks. Our desire regarding Grow, is to grow more and more in gospel maturity. What does that look like? These distinctives of maturity from Dash are helpful in giving us a glimpse.

Mature Christians are marked by humility:

Ironically, the more we grow, the more we’re aware of our sinfulness. Mature Christians, therefore, don’t feel spiritually mature. (pg. 77, emphasis original)

Maturity and humility go together. (pg. 77)

Mature Christians know they haven’t arrived:

I don’t think they would even think of themselves as mature. (pg. 78)

Maturing servants of Christ continue to discover deeper levels of repentance, and experience more of God’s love and healing. (pg. 78)

Mature Christians attract other Christians:

They always seem like safe people. Because they’re aware of their sinfulness, they’re not surprised by mine. Because they’ve been broken, they’re not put off by others who suffer. (pg. 78)

Mature Christians help other Christians grow:

Maturity (is)…helping others to grow. (pg. 157)

This is what sets them apart: not that they are experts, but that they’re intentional in helping others grow. (pg. 77)

In the process of growing ourselves, we’ll begin to help others grow. That’s the real mark of maturity. (pg. 157)

Mature Christians persevere:

Maturing believers demonstrate faithfulness over a long period of time. (pg. 78)

If you’re at the maturing stage, you may not even know it. Keep going. Be unimpressed with yourself but impressed with Christ. Allow your sufferings and your awareness of sin to draw you closer to Christ. Revel in the gospel. Continue to share your life with others, and trust that God will use you in your weakness. (pgs. 78-9)

I pray, by God’s grace, this maturity marks our lives as we seek to Grow in the Gospel.

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Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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