Worship or Weariness?

In his book, The 10 Commandments, Kevin DeYoung asks:

Are we teaching our kids that Sunday is the day we go to church or the day we try to squeeze in church? Is Sunday my day of climax of collapse? (pg. 73)

These are good questions. Often, we don’t think enough about how we order and structure our week. The way we structure our week sends a message to our kids about our priorities and is training them for what their priorities should be. The way we structure our week sets us up for Sunday being our climax or our collapse. I’ll let DeYoung explain:

Too many see corporate worship as a good thing to do if the weather is nice but not too nice; if the football game is uninteresting, and the sports practice doesn’t interfere; or if they’re not too tired. Somehow we’ve gotten the idea that gathering with God’s people to worship at God’s throne and to hear from God’s Word is something that’s fine to do when it fits in our schedule. This is not the New Testament ideal (Heb. 10:25).

For many of us, Friday and Saturday are climax, with dinners and parties and games and late nights out. Sunday is the day we try to get through as we get ready for Monday. If we are going to make the Lord’s Day a day of worship instead of weariness, we need to plan ahead. (pg. 73)

How can you be more intentional in the structure of your week, or more specifically your weekend, so that Sunday is a day of worship instead of a day of weariness?

About Pastor Matt

Matt Baker is the Pastor of Redeemer Fellowship Church.
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